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Museum of the Tyumen State Medical University

The Museum of the Tyumen State Medical University was established in 2004 according to the decision of the Academic Council.

In 2013 by the 50th anniversary of the University  the renovated museum of history, organized under the up-to-date project, flung its doors open for visitors.

At present there is a big collection of materials that reflect the history of the Tyumen State Medical University. They comprise photo-, video- and audio materials containing memories of the staff and graduates of the University, documents, instruments and tools, which were used at various periods in teaching and learning activities and doctors’ practice, learning materials, monographs, rare editions, and items from personal files.

Today the museum represents a unique refraction point of culture, education and history of medicine; preserves corporate traditions and memory of the University’s establishers, long-service employees, medical dynasties and merited representatives of medicine of Tyumen region.