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Students’ life

Sports activities are important in students’ leisure time. There is a sporting center in the sports club of the University, which includes two large gym halls, a fitness facility located at residence hall №1. Besides, a swimming pool is taken on lease in Tyumen.

The following sports sections are available: volley-ball, basket-ball, futsal, track and field athletics, swimming, judo, table tennis, kettlebell lifting, cross-country skiing and chess – both for a newcomer and a professional.

Such creative teams as the crew of the Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted, groups of the contemporary and variety dance, a folk dance ensemble and a theatre school work as part of the Students’ Club.

Each year the Students’ Club holds talent shows as follows: «First-year students’ Debut», the festival «Student spring of the Tyumen State Medical University», recreation parties for students, residing in hostels, gala nights («High school graduation party»), the festivity «Matriculation», the competition «Tyumen SMU’s Star».

Student Quarter of Tyumen SMU of Russian Ministry of Health

The Student Quarter comprises – three student hostel buildings (№ 1, 2, 4) and Passport Office.

Address: Odesskaya St., 48, office № 109.

Tel./fax:+7 (3452)20-26-96.

Director of Student Quarter – Alla Aleksandrovna Plesenkova


Registrar– Natalia Ivanovna Konovalova


The Hostel №1 is located at the following address: Kotovskogo St., 56, Tyumen

Tel.: +7 (3452) 20-62-73, Hostel Head - Asia Vladimirovna Raikova

Hostel №1 is of the corridor type, at each floor there are bath and toilet rooms. The shower rooms are located at the first floor. The Hostel has: agymnasium, library, wire Internet access. There are Video Surveillance andAccess Control systems installed.

The Hostel № 1 may accommodate 502 students (195 roomsfor residence).


The Hostel №2 is located at the following address: Melinkaite St., 59, Tyumen

Tel.: +7 (3452) 20-85-02

Closed for capital repairs.

The Hostel № 4 is located at the following address: Odesskaya St., 48, Tyumen

Tel.: +7 (3452) 20-90-68, Hostel Head-  Natalia Viktorovna Klimina

The Hostel № 4 is of the apartment type: there are apartments with separate kitchen, bath and toilet room. The Hostel has: a sports room and wire Internet access. There are Video Surveillance and Access Control systems installed.

The Hostel № 4 may accommodate 279 students (98 roomsfor residence).


The Passport Office is located at the address: Kotovskogo St., 56, Tyumen

Tel.: +7 (3452) 20-62-73. Passport Officer – Olga Sergeevna Maksak

The student hostels are aimed for temporary residence and accommodation:

- during the study period for full-time students, post-graduate students, residents,interns from outside the city;

- duringthe prospective students entrance examinations process.

There is a Student Council at each hostel – a social self-government body,which involves the students, living at the hostel, to develop and carry out the events for improving educational, mass-cultural, fitness-and-health activity, organizing the leisure, approving the terms and conditions of the hostel, as well as theevents oriented for a healthy way of living and everyday services improvement.

If one settles into a student hostel a student should present a standard written request to the Student Quarter together with the following documents:

- passport with two copies;

- 4 pictures 3 x 4 cm in size;

- reference from the Dean's Office, proving the study place at the university;

- for the students under age:

- two passport copies of one of the parents, or guardians;

- one copy of birth certificate.

The 1st year students should write a request for obtaining a place at the hostel addressed to the rector of the University no later than August 15 of the current year.

The requests to prolong the period of residence at the hostel should be addressed to the rector of the University no later than July 1 of the current year and are considered by the Accommodation Committee with an account for the set rules of residence at the hostel,followed by the student.


The residents of the student hostel have the following rights:

- to stay at the assigned room for the whole study period, permanent employment period, or the period stated at the renting contract, if the internal and social rules of conduct are followed;

- to use the rooms of the academic and cultural-general purpose, equipment, and stock of the student hostel;

- to use electrical devices, following the fire safety rules;

- to change the place of accommodation to another, or from the student hostel to another student hostel only with an agreement of the student hostel administration;

- to elect the hostel's Student Council and be elected into it;

- to take part in dealing with the issues of improving the living conditions of the students, organization of extra-curricular educational work and leisure through the hostel's Student Council and Student Labor Union Organization;

- to make remarks and offers in terms of the student hostel personnel's work;

- to receive information concerning the documents, regulating residence in the student hostel.

The residents of the student hostel have the following responsibilities:

- to follow strictly the terms of student hostel regulations, rules of residence and rules of internal conduct of student hostel, safety precautions, rules of fireand social safety;

- to treat the rooms, equipment, and stock of the student hostel with care, consumeelectricity and water economically, keep the residence rooms and areas of general use clean and tidy, clean their own residence rooms every day. To clean the sections and areas of general use according to the schedule, developed bythe head of each floor;

- to make payment for residence and all the types of provided additional services in time;

- to present the pass entering the student hostel during the whole residence period;

- to complete the assignments of heads of sections, floors, Student Council, hostel,hostel's administration, and Student Quarter;

- to attend the hostel's residents' meetings;

- to check the information at the newsboard daily;

- to turn in the keys duplicates from the rooms and sections doors to the hostel administration in case of emergency situations, or fires;

- leaving the hostel (as well as for the vacations period) to turn in the room and all the bed clothes given to the students.

The student hostel residents are involved in accordance with the established procedure: to take part in the territory general improvement and landscaping events, to monthly overall cleaning of the rooms, to the self-service works,and other types of socially useful work.

The following is strongly prohibited at the student hostel:

- to live at the student hostel without the renting contract and local registration;

- to move from one room to another, from one section to another, and from one hostel building to another with no permission received;

- to take the stock from one room to another with no permission received;

- to disturb silence and rest at night time – during the period from 23.00 till 7.00.

- for those who doesn't live at the hostel to be there, after 23.00;

- to pass the residence room to other students, as well as to any other individuals,who doesn't live in the given hostel, or room;

- to drink strong drinks and low-alcohol drinks (including beer) at the hostel (including the territory of the hostel) and social areas;

- to appear at the hostel and social areas in a drunken state, to insult the residents and the personnel of the student hostel, and other individuals with their conduct;

- to smoke at the hostels and at the adjoining territories;

- to keep, take, and sale drug, toxic, explosive, and pyrotechnical substances;

- to stick announcements, schedules, etc. at the walls of residence rooms and at general use areas, except for the specially provided places for such purposes;

- to leave individuals from outside the hostel in the residence rooms and give them the keys from the rooms and the pass;

- to mount additional locks to the entrance door of the rooms, alter the locks ortheir change with no permission from the hostel administration;

- to keep highly flammable, or explosive means and weapons in the room;

- to perform actions at the territory, or inside the hostel, which could lead to disciplinary, material, civil, administrative, and criminal responsibility measures;

- to keep domestic animals.

For a breach of rules of internal conduct or the terms of the renting contract on the basis of a note of student hostel administration, or other residents the measures of social and administrative influence may be made towards one who performed the breach in accordance with the legislation inforce: from evicting with no right to live at the hostel further to expulsionfrom the university.