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A preparatory course for foreign citizens



The aim of the course is to prepare foreign students to study at Tyumen State Medical University (Russian medium).



9 months

Course duration:

from October the 1st till June the 30th

Cost for 2017:

159 440 Rubles

Pre-paid organizational fee

- The cost of delivery (express mail)

Subjects of the course:

- Russian as a foreign language

- Biology

- Chemistry

- Physics and Mathematics

Course Description:

- Intensive course - 1300 classroom hours 

- Full-time education

- 6 days per week

- The participation of students in cultural events regional-geographic orientation, at pleasure and at additional expense.

Final documents:

At the end of the course the foreign citizen receives a certificate of Russian language knowledge.

(Level B1, the first certification).


This certificate allows a foreign citizen does not pass the Russian language on the entrance exams for the first year of education in the competition among foreigners.


The students will rent an apartment.

The University is ready to help in provision of accommodation.


The first single entry visa the student applies in homeland.

The University will register the student in Russian Federation and extend a visa till the end of the course.



Adaptation period:

Is provided

Additional  charges:

- Medical insurance – from 3 650 Rubles

- Меdical certificate – from 2 400 Rubles (by absence)

- Visa fees – 1 600 Rubles

- Translation of the Passport/Diploma with notarization (by absence) – 1 000 Rubles (from English into Russian) for each doc



Contact us:

Tel.: +7 (3452) 20-41-85


Address: 54 Odesskaya Str., Tyumen, 625023

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