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Instructions for international students

Instructions forinternational students concerning the migration record

1. Foreign citizens,students of Tyumen SMU, upon their arrival to Tyumen for a start/continuation of studies must turn in their documents for migration registration at the placeof residence in the Tyumen Region Federal Migration Service Department with in the shortest period possible (three calendar days).

2. International students, living in the student hostel, (obtained a place at the hostel), must turn in their documents to the Passport Office of Student Quarter. International students, living outside the student hostels, must turn in their documents to Scientific-linguisticcenter (Odesskaya St., 54, office 400, Tyumen).

3. A list of documents for migration registration:

In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation (Federal law № 109-ФЗ from 18.07.2006 «about migration registration of foreign citizens and stateless individuals in the Russian Federation», Federallaw № 115-ФЗ from 25.07.2002 «about legal position of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation», the academic institution as a hosting party is to perform the migration registration of foreign citizens, who arrived to the Russian Federation for continuation of their studies, during 7 working days. The exception for the registration period have the citizens of the following countries:

Concerning all the questions, please, address to Scientific-linguistic center, Chief Specialist Dmitriy Aleksandrovich Khmara:

Tel.: +7 (3452) 20-41-85,E-mail: