Russian version

For international students





All foreign citizens must follow the laws of the RF and regulations of staying and moving along the territory of the RF.


The foreign citizens are OBLIGED:

Upon arrival to Tyumen within 24 hours (except holidays and days off) one shall give the following documents to the department of the international relations of the Tyumen Medical University.


Academy (main building, office 400) to be registered in MFMS:

  • a copy of the passport and its original;
  • a copy of identification papers and their original;
  • a copy of the contract concerning the education at the Tyumen SMU (for the students studying according to the contract) and its original;
  • a migration card having a mark about crossing a border;
  • a certificate confirming that one studies at the Tyumen SMU;
  • a copy of visa ( for the citizens from the countries with a  visa regime ) and its original;
  • documents confirming the place for living.

In case of living in the dwelling house which does not belong to the Tyumen SMU (the rent of the accommodation, living in the relative’s flat and etc.) one shall inform MFMS of Russia in the Tyumen region about his arrival; in this case an owner of this accommodation shall register this person at  the territorial division of  MFMS within 3 days from the day of crossing the border of the Russian Federation; the owner of this accommodation shall bring all necessary documents to the territorial division of MFMS in the Tyumen region; then one shall submit a document confirming this registration at this place of living (a passport,  a notification about his arrival) to the department of the international relations of the Tyumen SMU.

On leaving the Russian Federation one shall inform the department of the international relations about his departure in advance.

After returning from holidays within 24 hours one shall bring his passport and the migration card received at the borderline of the RF to the department of the international relations to be registered.

14 days before the expiration of the registration one shall take measures to extend it or leave the territory of the RF; after graduating from the Tyumen SMU or being expelled from it one shall buy tickets in advance and leave the territory of Russia according to the terms established by the Russian legislation.

On leaving the territory of the RF a foreign student is obliged to inform about his date of the departure and the date of the intended arrival.

If a student breaks a law concerning his staying on the territory of the RF a fine (a rate from 2000 to 5000 roubles) shall be imposed and he will be expelled from the University.