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Scientific fields

The major research areas of the University are of the complex nature and promote the development of healthcare in the region. They are clearly focused on introduction of new forms and methods of education, implementation of research study results into the teaching and learning activities and practical healthcare.

Scientific fields are as follows:

1.    Scientific basics of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of crucial infectious diseases, virus and natural focal ones.

2.    Advanced technologies of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of internal diseases.

3.    Scientific foundations of pathogenesis, improvement of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients having neuropathy and psychiatric disorders.

4.    Scientific foundations of developing best available technologies for health preservation of women and children at various ages.

5.    Development of new methods for diagnosis and treatment in surgical medicine: traumatology, oncology, ophthalmology and surgery.

6.    Mechanisms of human adaptation to various environmental conditions and human spontaneous motor activity.

7.    Pharmacy: scientific rationale of biopharmaceutical, physical-chemical resource environmental studies, methods of public drug supply.

8.   Common patterns of morphogenesis under normal and pathological conditions and individual development.

9.   Chronobiological and chronomedical problems of vertebrate ontogenesis. Biological rhythms of hemopoiesis.

10. Hemostasiology under normal and pathological conditions.