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Faculty of General Medicine 

Faculty of General Medicine and the Tyumen State Medical Academy are of the same age. For 50 years the faculty has trained more than 10 thousand doctors. 

The academic teaching staff of the Faculty of General Medicine numbers about 400 of the skilled personnel – Doctors and Candidates of Medical Sciences, Honored Doctors and Honorary Figures of Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

The Dean of the Faculty of General Medicine is Mikhail Malishevskiy, Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor, Head of the Intermediate Level Therapy Chair, member of the European Society of Cardiology. He has been working over 20 years in practical healthcare.

Traditionally, considerable attention is given to work with talented students in the Departments of the Faculty of General Medicine. Students with the assistance of the teaching stuff prepare for participation in scientific conferences, forums, symposia and academic competitions      at the regional, all-Russia and international level.

A unique program “Tutor” has been launched due to the initiative of the Faculty of General Medicine. Senior students are in charge of first-year students, assisting them to adjust to studies and student life. For several years the program has been successfully used by all the faculties of the Academy.

Each year students of the faculty take part in summer clinical schools, congresses, international student exchange programs. During the summer practical training they undertake internships at major university hospitals of the world. Owing to the agreement of cooperation concluded between the Academy and the University of Strasbourg the best students have an opportunity to pass one year studies in France.

A lot of graduates of the Faculty of General Medicine successfully combine teaching and research activities with work in practical healthcare; they pass cumulated knowledge and experience to students – new generation of doctors.

 The Pediatric Faculty

The opening of the Pediatric Faculty was in 1974 with intent to train children's doctors for Tyumen and Kurgan regions.

Over 20 years Klavdia Lebedeva, Associate Professor, Honoured Doctor of Russia has been working as the Dean of the Pediatric Faculty.

Students of the Pediatric Faculty learn the profession not only in lecture-rooms, but also under the conditions of face-to-face communication with sick and healthy children and their parents. Children's hospitals and polyclinics of the city and the region provide students with an opportunity to get familiar with high technology methods of examination and treatment.

The Faculty gives considerable attention to the activities of Students' Scientific Circles, participation in Research Conferences, specialized academic competitions, including all-Russia ones.  

Tyumen schoolboys and their parents know students studying at the Pediatric Faculty of the Academy due to Voluntary Projects «School of Health» and «Summer of Health», in which over four thousand schoolboys have already participated.

The Pediatric Faculty is notable for its graduates, the multi-thousand army of children's doctors, working in the region and beyond. The Faculty’s graduates each year enlarge the teaching staff of the Academy, and go on transferring their invaluable experience and knowledge to students. 

 Faculty of Dentistry

Faculty of Dentistry
, the most newly established, dynamically developing faculty of the Academy, was set up in 2005.

A prerequisite to the opening of the Faculty was the heightened need of Tyumen region in dentists. The Administration of the Tyumen State Medical Academy gained the support of the Tyumen region Government, Russian Dental Association, and directors of dental medical institutions.

Alexander Bragin, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Dental Orthopedics and Dental Surgery has been working as the Dean from the time of opening of the Faculty of Dentistry.

There is a phantom class, one of the best ones in Russia, designed for developing students’ manual skills at the Faculty of Dentistry.

In 2010 the formal ceremony of opening the Dental Clinic of the Tyumen State Medical Academy, furnished with up-to-date European equipment (at present it is a Dental department of the Academic Multidisciplinary Clinic) was held. Classrooms for students are equipped in the Clinic.

Students of the Faculty of Dentistry prove themselves creatively in the studies and scientific work, academic competitions at the regional level and all-Russia level, as well as in sports and cultural events.

Students’ voluntary movement has been organized at the Faculty; volunteer social and preventive projects are under implementation, for example, «Dentists for children». Voluntary students regularly visit orphanages, children's pre-school institutions and schools.

 Pharmaceutical Faculty 

In 2014 the Pharmaceutical Faculty had its 50th anniversary; for these years over 6000 pharmacists have been trained at the Tyumen State Medical Academy.

The Dean of the Pharmaceutical Faculty is Olga Knysh, Professor, Head of Department of Pharmaceutical Management and Economy, the Honored Health Care Worker of the Russian Federation.

Today this is one of the leading pharmaceutical faculties of the country. Advanced technologies of pharmaceutical education have been developed: at different periods of time an academic pharmacy, an analytical laboratory and a part-time department were established at the Faculty.

Traditions and continuity of generations are ensured by the teaching staff. Practically all the teachers of the Faculty are graduates of the Tyumen State Medical Academy.

The Pharmaceutical Faculty has been granted with the public recognition award «Metchnikov's Star» for promotion and popularization of health-saving technologies.

Experience that has been accumulated for the time of the Faculty’s existence allows training competitive and in-demand specialists for a contemporary pharmaceutical market.

  Nursing Faculty

The Nursing Faculty, established in 1996, trains managers and teachers of nursing care.

From 2012 the Tyumen State Medical Academy moved to a two-level training of Bachelor and Master Degree students with a specialization in «Nursing».

The Dean of the Faculty of Nursing is Svetlana Lapik, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor. Under her guidance the Faculty joined the rank of the five leading faculties of nursing in Russia.

In 2000’s the Nursing Faculty actively participated in Russian-Canadian projects on the reform of nursing and education HELP and ROXY.

Traditionally research work of teachers, graduates and students focuses on healthy lifestyle, preventive care of socially significant diseases, necessity and reasonability of involving the nursing personnel into this activity in Russia.

 Advanced Training Faculty

The Advanced Training Faculty was established in 1986.

As of today a system of postgraduate education has been set up. It includes training in internship and residency in 82 specialties, professional retraining courses for doctors and qualified pharmaceutical chemists and certification. For the time of the Faculty’s existence over 60 thousand specialists in public healthcare and pharmacy have got further training.

The teaching process at 20 chairs of the faculty is conducted by approximately 150 Doctors and Candidates of Medical Sciences, Honored Doctors, the Honored Health Care Workers, the Honored Scientists of the Russian Federation.

The Dean of the Advanced Training Faculty is Professor Vladimir Zhmurov. The chief specialist of the faculty is Professor Antonina Petrushina.

Innovation advanced technologies of teaching and academic performance rating have been successfully introduced and in use at the Faculty; there is a distance training center equipped.  

The courses of advanced training for doctors and pharmacists are largely presented not only by the territories of the Ural Federal Okrug but also by other cities of Russia, such as Vorkuta and Irkutsk, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk and Sochi …

In 2011-2012 the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation held Coordination Councils on postgraduate and further vocational education of healthcare specialists of the Ural Federal Okrug at the premises of the Tyumen State Medical Academy. This provides evidence of recognizing the high level of training specialists of the Tyumen State Medical Academy.

The main objective of the Advanced Training Faculty is to ensure high-quality continuing education and lifelong learning development.